New video educates home canners on converting pressure canner gauges from dial to weighted

The Food Preservation Program recommends that home canners get their pressure canner gauges tested each year. The Extension office in Oregon City tests dial gauges, but that location might not be convenient for everyone.

There is an alternative to using the dial gauge. It involves substituting a 3-piece adjustable-weight pressure regulator for the dial gauge. This conversion changes a dial gauge canner into a weighted gauge canner. The pressure regulator rocks when the correct pressure is reached, as demonstrated in a video titled “Using a Weighted Gauge on a Dial Gauge Canner.” The video provides step-by-step instructions, as well as some best practice tips and science-based resources.

When used correctly, a 3-piece adjustable-weight pressure regulator ensures consistently accurate pressure, thus preventing the possibility of botulism poisoning due to under processing low-acid foods.