Message from the Regional Director

Angela Sandino


OSU Extension’s community spirit is inspirational. Our organization is driven by our thriving and resilient volunteer system. Almost everything we do in Clackamas County Extension and across Oregon involves a complex network of dedicated and passionate volunteers. Volunteering to serve in one of our five program areas (4-H, Forestry and Natural Resources, Family and Community Health, Agriculture and Horticulture) is a worthwhile path to explore if you are hoping to get involved.

Volunteering is also a wonderful way to meet people, acquire new skills and serve the greater Clackamas County community. From tabling at a local farmers’ market to serving on our public budget committee to leading youth clubs, our volunteers are truly Extension’s treasures. Our cadre of volunteers work closely under the direction of our knowledgeable faculty and trained staff to help plan events, disseminate research-based information in comprehensible language, and assist with a multitude of programs in rural, suburban and urban settings. 

In addition to our treasured volunteers, our employees are the heart of what we do. They are the blood, sweat and tears of OSU Extension. Amongst our statewide team, we have thousands of cumulative years of experiences collectively guiding our work. I thank each and every one of you for your support of the important work we do. I am proud of the way we collaborate and learn together in this vibrant county and hope you will enjoy reading more about our collective work in this 2023 Clackamas County annual community report.

OSU Extension - Clackamas
Engaged for Good in the Community

Leah Sundquist


OSU Extension- Clackamas is an organization that has been around for over 106 years. This year focused on resiliency, mental health awareness, faculty and staff training in Four Site Mindset, Gallup, Active Shooter, and basic overall all safety awareness around our buildings.  

We have grown in some program areas in both youth and volunteers as well as having greater collaboration between programs to maximize opportunities for the community.  This year I want to focus on our front office staff who keep the office running smooth, answer all the customers in person, on the phone and from emails coming in with needs for answers.  

We have 3 office support staff who have worked here anywhere from over 20 years to 5 years and all are skilled in their areas.  We also have a Fiscal coordinator who earned her MBA in Data Analytics a year ago and maintains our budget, accounting and billing.  Again, knowledgeable in her field. 

Please when you come in the office say hello to our support staff.  They are the ones that keep our office open and running smooth all year long.

(Staff Members Left to Right)  –  Kelly Redwine, Jean Bremer, Catalina Sanamaria, Pamela Whitten

A couple of great successes this year are: one of our office staff (Kelly Redwine) received a state level award for classified personnel.  She was nominated and selected by a committee from our Extension faculty and staff.  Kelly works in our front office and supports both the front office when customers come in with questions for 4-H as well as registration, email, and phone call support.  

One of our many volunteers was nominated by a faculty member and selected as the Epsilon Sigma Phi Gamma Chapter Friend of Extension. Don Wiley, has been a volunteer in the Clackamas Extension Family and Community Health program as a Master Food Preserver (MFP) since 2012.  His nomination narrative is on page 11 to read more.  Congratulations to both of these individuals for their statewide achievements.