4-H clubs find new ways to connect during quarantine

ways to connect

Payton VanBeek shows viewers how she taught her dog Dixie to hold a dumbbell.

Faced with COVID-19 restrictions, 4-H staff, leaders and older teen members are creatively using online learning and teaching tools that are helping to educate and keep youth engaged in their clubs and 4-H projects.

Through online formats, such as Zoom, youth are able to attend small club meetings, have their county fair exhibits judged, and even successfully competed in statewide animal judging contests.

In Clackamas County, 4-H Dog project senior members Magge Gilbert and Payton VanBeek created training videos to provide leadership and education to their club members. “How to Teach Your Dog to Sit” and “Dumbbell Training” have been viewed over 100 times on the Clackamas County 4-H Dog webpage since May. New clubs and opportunities for the 2021 enrollment year have already begun.

Watch 4-H dog videos: