Tree School Brings Woodland Owners Together for a Comprehensive Day of Education

Oregon’s largest forestry and natural resource education event of the year brought approximately 800 private woodland owners, instructors and exhibitors together March 23 at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City. This event marked the 29th annual Tree School Clackamas since its inception in 1991 by the Oregon State University Extension Service in Clackamas County. 

“Tree School Clackamas is the largest one-day annual educational event for private woodland owners, family forest owners and professional foresters in the business,” said Mike Bondi, OSU Extension’s liaison for Clackamas County. “Think of it as a back-to-school day where people come to learn all the latest information about caring for their land and the trees they love.”

With approximately 6,000 private woodland owners in Clackamas County, interest is high for this annual event, and it fills up quickly. Nearly half of the 650 spots available were claimed on the first day of registration.   

Tree School Clackamas offered 75 classes, taught by OSU faculty and local experts sharing their knowledge with a regional and practical focus. Courses covered forestry topics supporting successful management of woodlands, including tools and techniques, drone use, marketing and business, forest health, weed management, wildlife habitat, forest fungi and more. 

Beyond the formal instruction, Tree School has inspired a sense of community, with many friends, neighbors and families traveling from different states to bond with other woodland owners and share personal experiences.

Tree School Clackamas 2020 will be held next March 21 and will mark the 30-year anniversary of Tree School in Clackamas:

youth fire academy

Youth Fire Academy participants use a sand table to learn how fire moves across a landscape and explore career opportunities in firefighting and forestry. 

Students use observation skills and plant keys to label foliage in the Tree and Shrub Identification class.

Students use observation skills and plant keys to label foliage in the Tree and Shrub Identification class.