Solving Problems for Christmas Tree Growers

Christmas tree growers in Clackamas County produce almost two million trees annually. High prices and good demand in 2019 were great for growers with healthy trees to sell. But adequate supplies of new seedlings to replace harvested trees have been hard to find. And many growers have suffered significant losses to drought, insects, and disease in recent years. Christmas Tree Specialist, Chal Landgren—located at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center—is OSU’s only faculty member responsible for research and education on yule trees in the state. Landgren is leading Extension’s efforts to solve these problems. This includes grafting and planting of superior seed trees to produce more seedlings, propagation and testing of new Christmas tree varieties, and testing methods for increasing seedling survival in drought years. Results will help growers meet the demand and benefit from good markets in the future.

christmas tree farm duo

Newly planted seedlings adjacent to premium harvestable noble fir Christmas trees, a staple for Oregon growers. INSET: Testing shade screens to improve survival of noble fir during drought years.

christmas tree grower problems

Extension Christmas Tree Specialist, Chal Landgren at field workshop comparing alternative management practices.