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Take a Food Preservation Class

Food Preservation resources and classes, provided through OSU Extension Family and Community Health (FCH) are offered to the public by trained OSU Master Food Preservers.  They provide reliable and safe research-based food preservation techniques in a hands-on setting. 

In 2019, 58 students attended five Preserve Your Harvest Food Preservation classes offered by the Clackamas FCH program during the summer and fall.  Those classes included: 

• Dried foods for backpacking and snacking 

• Pork sausage     

• Fermented Foods; sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles  

• Pressure canning meats, vegetables, and soups

• Water bath canning summer fruits    

The OSU Extension Catalog also has a number of publications that provide comprehensive information related to food safety and food preservation:

sausage making

Family Food Educator Volunteers learn how to make sausage.

Pressure canning osu

Pressure Canning classes teach the public how to test equipment and can safely.

Become a Master Food Preserver

Master Food Preservers are trained and certified volunteers who assist OSU Extension Service in providing up-to-date food safety and preservation information to Oregonians. 

After a comprehensive, hands-on training, volunteers serve as a local community resource at events, workshops and food preservation demonstrations. Clackamas County certified 21 Master Food Preserver volunteers in 2019. They staffed a total of 31 community events and workshops, contributed over 800 hours and connected with over 4,000 residents.  

To learn more about Clackamas County Food Preservation classes or becoming a Master Food Preserver volunteer:

jerky gun

Students learn how to use a jerky gun to pipe out apple jerky.

food dehydration

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are perfect for snacks or backpacking.