Recognizing 4-H Volunteers

4-H relies on volunteers to diversify the knowledge and skill base of staff and to expand the reach of the program. People of different ages, experience and skills are encouraged to become volunteers. Without our volunteers there would be no 4-H program in the county. 

During our annual Clackamas County 4-H Awards Night we recognized excellence in our youth and celebrated the volunteer support that leads them to success. Over 300 youth and 100 volunteers were recognized in 2019. A special thanks to all our volunteers, from older youth gaining valuable leadership skills to adults who have served 4-H for 50 years!

Thank you Long-time Volunteers!

  • 20 Years: Tamara Bugarsky, Beth Dudley, Debbie Jones
  • 25 Years: Marcy Alexander, Corinne Thomas Kersting
  • 30 Years: Sandra Cole, Becky Gepford
  • 35 Years: John Headrick
  • 50 Years: Diane Broehl