4-H Alumni Spotlight

Sharing 4-H Programs Around the Globe

4-H alumnus Conor McCabe led a 4-H Youth Development program in Ghana.

Clackamas 4-H alumnus Conor McCabe of West Linn, spent five months in Ghana teaching farmers new agriculture techniques and leading 4-H Youth Development Programs through an Agricorps Fellowship.

“My 13-year background in 4-H and my family farm had a tremendous impact on my life and made me pursue a degree in agriculture,” said McCabe.

Conor graduated from Cornell University with a major in Animal Science. He believes that agriculture research and education are crucial to the future of the planet. Next, he’s off to Purdue for an advanced degree specializing in Dairy Science.

4-H Alum’s Performance Wows at National Hall of Fame Induction

4-H alumna Lauren Urton combines facial expressions, body language and raw emotion with American Sign Language as she auditions to perform for the 4-H National Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Washington D.C.

Clackamas 4-H alumna Lauren Urton of Mulino, was selected to perform a unique musical rendition using American Sign Language (ASL) at the 4-H National Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Washington D.C. Urton grew up participating in numerous 4-H Clubs in Molalla and is currently attending Western Oregon University where she is studying ASL Interpreting. 

“4-H has played an incredibly huge part in my life and it has really shaped me in a lot of ways, including my personal and professional life,” said Urton.   “So it was really cool to be able to give this piece of me at the ceremony to honor all the 4-H members in that way.”